Modernizing the election process.

Municipalities in Ontario are looking to modernize the electoral processes in an effort to improve engagement and voting participation in elections at the municipal government level.

Existing alternative voting solutions aim to benefit the voting population as well as election officials and poll clerks with the interest of reducing costs and saving time.

Intelivote’s eVoting application counts votes dynamically, eliminating post-election ballot counting (and re-counting) in providing fast, accurate, and verifiable results.

As well, the Intelivote eVoting system captures and counts spoiled ballots electronically by forcing the voter to spoil only with clear intention to confirm their participation in the election with a ‘no vote’ count. Determining voter intent electronically is one of Intelivote’s many innovative characteristics modernizing the eDemocracy world.

Intelivote would like to add that the following municipalities will be supplying Intelivote’s eVoting services to their electors this fall for the 2014 Ontario Municipal & School Board Elections.

The Township of Clearview, the Town of Greater Napanee, the Township of Loyalist, the Township of McKellar, the Township of Carling, and the Township of The Archipelago.