Intelivote’s Auditor module is a digital certificate enforced, password and ID controlled program that allows an authorized user to monitor an election through a series of tools and features. This affords election officials the opportunity to have an independent Auditor entity scrutinize the election activity and offer an official opinion on all the major functions of the eVoting system.

The Auditor will have access to real-time screen displays and reports, where they can track PIN activity and voter participation for the election for which they are authorized.  Voter participation and PIN statistics can be displayed by category (eg: ward/district) with an overview of PINs loaded, PINs voted, PINs disabled and paper votes. PIN statistic totals for each race can also be displayed. Other reports include: PIN attempts, post-election PIN activity, vote activity, and a summary or detailed report on vote counts once the election has completed.

A unique feature of the Auditor module is the ability to cast Audit votes for any category and/or race. Under the ‘PIN Details’ link, the Auditor has the ability to assign PINs specifically for Audit purposes. Once the Auditor enters their generated PIN in the Voter application, they will proceed through the voting process in the same way a voter would. This process helps to ensure that all aspects of the electronic voting process are functioning as expected. Audit votes are not included in the final tally. The Auditor module features allow the Auditor the opportunity to examine the contents of the ballot box prior to, and after, casting an Audit ballot, allowing them to attest to the fact that the ballot was counted.

Similar testing can also be completed for each candidate by the Auditor. If granted authorization, the Auditor will be able to cast test or ‘Audit’ votes for each candidate and view the vote count summary by candidate to demonstrate the cast ballots are being properly assigned to the candidates selected.

By using the Intelivote Auditor module, the election Auditor will be able to access any information they require to ensure the integrity of the voting process is maintained, and they can confidently report or create an official opinion on the authenticity and legitimacy of the election.