ISI maintains a hosted data centre environment in Halifax through Bell Canada, which also hosts some of the most sensitive government and financial systems running in Atlantic Canada. The full range of services Intelivote delivers, including high-speed high-bandwidth data capability, and scalable IVR (telephone) port availability, further demonstrates Intelivote's commitment to ensuring an event with maximum performance, communications path diversity, application redundancy and high survivability.

The most significant attributes of the Intelivote system are derived from its ability to provide a highly secure, reliable, and redundant solution that ensures voter anonymity and secrecy of the vote. The capacity for authorized election officials to review information on particular aspects of the election as it progresses (such as voter session statistics, etc.) provides increased visibility to those election metrics that can define a successful electronic event.

Intelivote’s concentration is electronic elections and only delivers Internet and telephone election services allowing them to become not only a Canadian leader, but the most experienced company in the world delivering eVoting elections.