The Enumerator module provides a secure means for the election officials to maintain an accurate and current list of eligible electors. It is available both prior to and during an election, and is used to add a new elector to the system or to update a current elector’s information.  All additions and changes made via the Enumerator module are returned to the election officials after the election to help ensure an accurate, up-to-date Official Elector List.

Intelivote’s easy, step-by-step process allows authorized election staff to verify an elector’s information and eligibility to vote. First, the system will check to see if the elector’s name already appears on the Elector List. If the elector’s name is found, the enumerator can update their information if required. If the name is not found, the enumerator can enter the data about the elector to create the profile record which will establish them as an eligible elector in the election. Once the elector is added to the list, they will be assigned voter credentials (PIN), which relates to the ward or district in which they are eligible to vote. Upon completion of the enumeration, the enumerator can print a Voter Instruction Letter personalized to that elector, providing them with their PIN and instructions on how to complete their voting activity. Client specific enumeration forms can also be designed for use within this module such as a Municipal Enumeration Form.

At the time the election is configured in the Intelivote system, the client is provided with the option to tailor the list of voter specific information according to their needs. The system can require more or less information about an elector depending on the requirements of the election authorities. Intelivote’s Enumerator module is a quick and easy way for election officials to enumerate electors in minutes while helping to maintain an accurate list.