Intelivote’s system provides a full suite of applications to access, manage and monitor your event including Auditor, Enumerator, Voter Help and more. Additionally, Intelivote provides full support throughout your event while providing the election officials a variety of results reports following the close of the election. With this cost effective solution, Intelivote’s customers get as many consultations as they require, training, and complete project management.


Intelivote’s Auditor module is a digital certificate enforced, password and ID controlled program that allows an authorized user to monitor an election through a series of tools and features. This affords election officials the opportunity to have an independent Auditor...



The Chief Electoral Officers (CEO) module delivers important election information in a full range of reports and query capability to those authorized individuals who are responsible for the administration and execution of the election. The CEO...



Intelivote’s Candidate module assists registered candidates and their campaign workers by providing up-to-date statistics and information throughout the duration of a campaign. By entering an authorized username and password, candidates... 


Voter Help

Intelivote’s Voter Help agents provide voter assistance prior to and during an event. Authorized individuals can assist voters by providing general election information, addressing PIN inquiries, updating voter information and advising the voter of their voting status....



The Enumerator module provides a secure means for the election officials to maintain an accurate and current list of eligible electors. It is available both prior to and during an election, and is used to add a new elector to the system or to update...


Returning Officer

Although the Returning Officer has many responsibilities in the management of an election, the RO module specifically addresses their ability to authorize manual (paper) voting.  Security access to the RO module is controlled through the use of…