The Intelivote Solution

Intelivote is a services company which provides eDemocracy solutions to Government at all levels, political parties, unions, associations and other organizations that are required to regularly conduct elections, surveys, referendums, plebiscites, or other events that require secure, accessible member participation.



Intelivote Systems Inc. (ISI), a Canadian owned and operated company, is the recognized Canadian leader in the successful implementation of eVoting. Intelivote has delivered more eVoting elections in Canada than all our competitors combined and in addition to the Canadian elections and events, Intelivote has gained international experience and credibility in the successful implementation of both Internet and telephone-based voting applications.

Intelivote does not sell its software; it is provided as a voting service. There is no additional software or hardware for clients to purchase to run an election using the Intelivote suite of modules. All the services are provided with our base service and all the modules are Internet enabled; secured by encryption, digital certificates and login IDs and passwords.

Intelivote understands that, in addition to other election requirements, election officials’ mandate includes containing election costs, managing administrative time/effort, and providing overall management for the election. These requirements are among the key objectives and benefits available through the implementation of eVoting options.

ISI’s extensive subject matter expertise in all forms of elections, in conjunction with the experience gained from conducting electronic elections, has resulted in a full service solution that address the needs of both the election officials and voters.



The opportunity to provide voters with the option of electronic voting is an important step in the evolution of democracy, giving voters the convenience of ‘Choice’ in the method of casting their ballot in an election. The Intelivote solution offers eVoting by Internet and telephone, using any touch-tone phone or wireless device.

Whether at home, work, or on the move, Intelivote’s eVoting system can be used anywhere in the world, and whether voters are up at 5:00 am or home at midnight, the system is available 24/7 allowing voters to enter the electronic voting platforms when it’s convenient for them.

Vacationers, actively deployed military personnel, students studying abroad, business travelers, and infirmed persons are all examples of voters who have made use of Intelivote’s eVoting solution and form an important segment of many voting populations. Intelivote’s voting system was created to address the demand for a more convenient, secure, yet flexible, way to cast ballots.


Intelivote maintains a hosted data centre environment in Halifax, Nova Scotia through CSAE 3416 certified Bell Aliant (Bell Canada),  a Canadian leader in secure hosted data centre services and network management and surveillance. The full range of services Intelivote delivers, including high-speed high-bandwidth data capability, and scalable IVR (telephone) port availability, further demonstrates our commitment to our ensuring an event with maximum performance, communications path diversity, application redundancy and high survivability.

The most significant attributes of the Intelivote system are derived from its ability to provide a highly secure and reliable solution that ensures voter anonymity and secrecy of the vote. The capacity for authorized election officials to review information on particular aspects of the election as it progresses (such as voter session statistics, etc.) provides increased visibility to those election metrics that can define a successful electronic event.

Intelivote’s concentration is in electronic elections and only delivers Internet and telephone election services and, in turn, has become not only a Canadian leader, but the most experienced company in the world delivering eVoting elections.  


Cost Effective

As election costs continue to climb and voter participation rates continue to drop, providing voters with choice in how they cast their ballot offers an opportunity to increase voter participation while at the same time decreasing costs. The cumulative savings produced when decreasing (or eliminating entirely) paper voting locations equipped to process paper ballots accounts for the reduction of staff labour costs and paper material requirements, as well as building/room rental costs, these savings in which are possible throughthe use of eVoting. Simply put, through effective voter communication and awareness, electronic voting can save time, and money.

Additionally, Intelivote’s eVoting solution is provided as a Software as a Service (SAAS) and it is provided as a voting service.