Voter Help


Intelivote’s Voter Help agents provide voter assistance prior to and during an event. Authorized individuals can assist voters by providing general election information, addressing PIN inquiries, updating voter information and advising the voter of their voting status.

When a Voter Help agent logs in to the Intelivote system, they will be presented with the option to select an event. Upon selection, they will be able to view its status, including any updates or notes regarding the current stage of that event.

Agents have access to a list of all the races and candidates associated with the event in which they are assigned. This information is very useful in responding to voter inquiries. Agents also have the ability to look up a polling station, either to determine the status of that polling station or to inform a voter of the polling station in which they are eligible to vote at.

If a voter is inquiring about their personal profile or the polling station in which they are assigned, the agent has the ability to find that voter in the Intelivote system by using their PIN, address or name. Once the voter has been identified by the system, the agent will have access to their voting history and their voter profile. An agent can determine in which races the voter has voted (if any), however the Intelivote system does not display how the voter has voted.

The agent can update the voter’s profile to ensure all of the information is up-to-date and accurate. If necessary, an agent can disable a PIN if the voter chooses to vote manually at their polling station.

Intelivote’s user-friendly system makes it easy to train authorized election staff quickly. The voter help module allows individuals to assist voters and election officials in a quick and timely matter, allowing for a smooth and successful event.