Intelivote Services

In addition to other election requirements, election officials’ mandate includes containing election costs, managing administrative time/effort, and providing overall management for the election. These requirements are among the key objectives and benefits available through the implementation of Intelivote's eVoting solution.

Project Management


ISI’s project management capability, coupled with established processes and procedures is delivered by a team of information systems professionals and electronic elections experts, providing clients with the best in-class Internet and telephone voting solution. Intelivote’s consulting services assist election officials in all aspects of planning and executing a successful election.

  • Voter correspondence – Providing voter communication is essential to the success of an eVoting event. Intelivote coordinates the production, processing and delivery of important voting information including but not limited to; instructions, credentials, candidate and ballot material necessary for each voter to easily and securely vote.
  • Partnerships – Intelivote has partnered with various proven and experienced Canadian businesses such as associate data management companies that have proficiency in elector list management and cleansing capabilities, large-scale print houses, call centres with extensive customer support services, data collection and analysis services, as well as international companies that provide election software and systems to fulfill scanner and tabulation requirements.   
  • Language translation – Intelivote assists with language services associated with voter communication, and incorporates voting in any language for both Internet and Telephone voting.



Intelivote delivers all of the applicable module training required to the election stakeholders using a variety of methods and services including onsite instructor-led training and online training via web service. In addition, detailed training aids and module documentation are provided to ensure post-education questions and issues can be easily referenced and resolved. Intelivote's extensive experience in conducting and managing elections has resulted in a wide-ranging compilation of event questions and circumstances that has resulted in the most comprehensive range of solutions to ensure a seamless and successful event.

  • Voter HelpLine – Intelivote consultants provide personalized training to agents in a HelpLine role to address any and all inquiries associated with electronic voting. Detailed material including module reference guides and FAQs, as well as designated Intelivote support services enable HelpLine agents to provide exceptional customer service using secure processes and procedures to voters.
  • Comprehensive training – Intelivote engages with election officials, organizers, candidates and decision makers involved in the electoral process before, during and after the election. Training is provided for the use of Intelivote's comprehensive tools to aid in the preparation for a successful event.
  • Third party Auditor Coordination/Mentoring – Intelivote’s system incorporates an auditing function which prepares authorized individuals to monitor an election through a series of tools and features without compromising democratic electoral values such as voter anonymity and ballot secrecy.  Many of Intelivote’s elections have been audited by third party entities such as legal firms, accounting firms and organizations in the ICT sector. 

Election Support and Management

Election Personnel

Monitoring the progress of an election is vital in performing due diligence to assess the performance, security and accessibility of the election. Although election officials are provided with all of the necessary tools and services to monitor election activity, Intelivote further provides election support and supervision throughout the duration of the voting period. Intelivote’s team of election experts perform systematic monitoring regularly in areas such as voter session information and PIN statistics to ensure the best possible voter experience.

  • Dynamic Voter List Management – Maintaining an accurate and current list of eligible electors is a challenge faced by many election authorities. Intelivote addresses this important aspect of the election project by conducting various maintenance procedures to ensure the Elector List is accurate throughout the duration of the voting period. 
  •  Legislation/By-law Inclusion  As a leader in alternative voting methods, Intelivote has comprehensive knowledge in the electronic electoral administrative process. Intelivote can also offer guidance in incorporating electronic voting criteria into legislation, by-laws, and contracts by providing tailored policies and procedures.
  • Voting Convention Coordination – Intelivote manages the integration of the eVoting solution into voting conventions and assemblies to ensure all details of the electronic voting process are addressed. Intelivote's convention management strategies encompass requirements such as control rooms, strategic voting locations, and accessible voter assistance. Intelivote has provided electronic voting and assisted with the planning of voting conventions for over a dozen political leadership events across Canada.


Election results are delivered through Intelivote’s results reporting capabilities within minutes after the official closing of the election period. Intelivote provides fast, clear, and accurate results in detailed and comprehensive formats. Intelivote’s all-inclusive services are a standard and integral part of Intelivote’s eVoting solution. As Canada’s established leader in electronic elections, Intelivote’s expertise and industry-leading customer service has revolutionized election democracy.