Intelivote’s Candidate module assists registered candidates and their campaign workers by providing up-to-date statistics and information throughout the duration of a campaign.

By entering an authorized username and password, candidates have access to a list of electors who are eligible to vote in the office for which they are running. Similar to the process by which candidates or their authorized scrutineers sit in polling stations to monitor voter participation and update strike-off lists, the Intelivote system allows a candidate to monitor the electronic participation of voters who participate via Internet, telephone or by paper at the polls.

With the paper voting process, candidate agents or scrutineers spend much of their time travelling to and from various polling stations and their campaign headquarters. With Intelivote’s Candidate module, candidates and their campaign teams save time, money, and energy by simply logging onto a computer using their authorized credentials to view the latest voter participation rates in their ward/constituency/district.

In addition to the capability to view the Electors’ List, a candidate can view a customized ‘My List’; a list comprised of electors who have indicated their support for that particular candidate, and have been placed on the list by the candidate or the campaign team. Flexible search capabilities allow candidates to search for voters by full or partial name, or address. This unique feature allows candidates to flag the names of the individuals who they want to ensure have voted. A candidate cannot see how any individual has voted, but simply whether or not they have cast a ballot. With the ability to refresh this list on a regular basis, candidates can effectively target their campaigning efforts based on voter participation rates leading up to Election Day.

The Intelivote Candidate module reduces manpower requirements while improving campaign management efforts; it’s an effective way for a candidate to ensure a successful campaign.