Our Municipality saw a dramatic increase in advanced voting with nearly three times the number of participating voters as compared to our last Election during this period. We were extremely pleased with the service provided by Intelivote’s consultants. Our electorate embraced the eVoting concept and this resulted in more voters casting their ballot electronically than those using our traditional method of paper voting.
— Bernie White, Clerk for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia
Intelivote continually demonstrated their experience and competency with all aspects of electronic voting which gave us confidence in both the security and integrity of the election process. In addition the Intelivote teams’ detailed knowledge of the election prerequisites, when delivered in an electronic form, ensured all our questions and legislative requirements were met. They deliver a very complete and professional service.
— John Baird, RRFA, CMM III
Previously CAO for Township of
Laurentian Valley, Ontario
Intelivote and Cobourg’s eVoting partnership was welcomed by the municipality in 2006 and the reception and success of eVoting continued our relationship for the 2010 and 2014 Municipal & School Board Elections. We have been continually impressed by the service of the Intelivote team and hope to continue to positively impact our voters with the convenience and accessibility of Internet and telephone voting.
— Lorraine Brace, Clerk for the Town of Cobourg, Ontario
The ACFO has used Intelivote’s services on multiple occasions to provide the utmost convenience to our members in electing our board of directors’ positions. Each experience with Intelivote has been positive and we are thrilled to have partnered with such a reliable and secure eVoting solution.
— Association of Canadian Financial Officers/
Association Canadienne des
Agents Financiers
We have a large number of commuters and military service personnel in our borough (municipality), and have had extremely positive feedback on the convenience the Internet voting systems lent to the process, both at home and abroad. We feel this pilot was a success and has established the principle of Internet voting for many electors of Rushmoor.
— Andrew Colver, Head of Democratic Services for Rushmoor, UK