"We issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) with several companies replying, and during this process it became clear to us that Intelivote has a level of knowledge and expertise that clearly placed them in a leadership position in this industry.  They worked with us through the entire election process and their understanding of how voters use eVoting technology and what election officials require to support this type of process proved invaluable."
Nicole Wellsbury
Manager of Legislative Services/Deputy Clerk
Town of Ajax, ON

"Intelivote’s knowledge of the municipal voting requirements and understanding of the doubts about technological advances convinced a very skeptical municipal council to support eVoting.   Intelivote was also a master in guiding us through every step of the election process.  Voters were very surprised at how simple it was to cast their vote.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Intelivote to any municipality considering alternative voting methods for the 2018 election."

Janneke Newitt, B.A., AMCT
Municipality of Southwest Middlesex

"The 2014 Municipal Election was the Town’s first experience with electronic voting.  Intelivote worked alongside us to provide timely and creative solutions to our unique challenges in pairing internet voting with a vote-by-mail method, even providing assistance that extended beyond their own product.
Customer service was top shelf, providing demonstrations of the product to candidates, the public and staff.  We found Intelivote to be knowledgeable and resourceful service providers, which no doubt contributed to the many positive comments from candidates, staff and the public."

Karen Fraser
Acting Clerk
Town of Innisfil

Wasaga Beach.jpg
“We chose Intelivote because they provided the Town of Wasaga Beach a complete, user-friendly and efficient e-voting system that guided us step by step through the entire process. From start to finish, Intelivote’s commitment and dedication to providing the Town service was paramount; It’s knowledgeable and experienced staff were very helpful and always available when needed. Using Intelivote gave us peace of mind going into the election; we were confident in the guidance and information provided throughout the process. We were able to deliver to our electors a convenient, accessible, cost effective and secure voting system. The 2014 Municipal Election was an easy election to administer with exceptional results. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Intelivote for future e-voting elections.”

Twyla Nicholson
Town Clerk
Town of Wasaga Beach

Strathroy Caradoc.jpg
“From their first presentation, to their excellent support leading up to and during the voting period, Intelivote’s knowledgeable staff made our transition to internet and telephone voting a positive experience. The thorough reports received following the election will be invaluable. Intelivote was a great partner in our effort to bring convenient and accessible voting to residents.”

Angela Toth
Director, Corporate Services/Clerk

Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc

Elizabeth Kitley.jpg
"Working with the Intelivote team was a great experience.  We were kept informed of all progress on a regular basis, provided with schedules outlining required actions and updates on a regular basis.  No matter how mundane the question was, their response was always helpful and professional.  It was like working with a well-oiled machine.  The product itself is simple to use which helped to increase the number of voters who took advantage of the on-line and telephone voting option."

Yvonne Robert
Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley

"There were seven municipalities in the County of Middlesex that chose to work with Intellivote for the past municipal election ( 2014) . We worked together as a group with the team from Intellivote. The Intellivote  team has a high level of knowledge and experience, and guided myself and the other municipal through the entire election process and made the process run extremely well . Their professional approach made the process very clear and east to understand without any problems. As for myself I would absolutely choose Intellivote to assist in the next election, and would recommend their service to any municipality for future election."
Fran Urbshott
Adelaide Metcalfe, ON

North Middlesex.jpg
"North Middlesex had always used the traditional paper method for its municipal elections. In 2014 it was recommended by staff, after considerable investigation into the workings of the system, to our Council that the Municipality proceed with an alternative voting method being Telephone/Internet Voting.  Intelivote Systems Inc. was successful in obtaining the contract to provide this service to the electors in the municipality.  From beginning to end, the Intelivote team of election experts guided staff through the process ensuring all aspects of the Municipal Elections Act were met.  Any time we had questions they were prompt and professional with their answers.  It was a challenge at times to convince electors that the system was secure and that they had the same access to ballots as they did when it was done in paper format at a voting station.  Staff at Intelivote welcomed these calls from our electors as they had the expertise to assure everyone that the system was safe and secure.  It was evident at the end of the election that this method was well received as the overall participation rate was at an all-time high rate of 49.3%. The Municipality of North Middlesex would highly recommend this company to any municipality contemplating using their services for future elections"
Jackie Tiedeman
Municipality of North Middlesex

"For municipal elections, Mulmur Township has used phone only, mail in and of course, the traditional ballot system. Voter turnout and cost, which includes staffing, has always been a concern. Intelivote’s knowledgeable staff helped walk us through how internet voting works and alleviated any of our concerns and apprehensions about using an online and phone in election service. Our experience with Intelivote exceeded our expectations – the ease of use, timely completion, follow-up, minimal township staffing requirements and their hands-on help.  The election ran flawlessly and we would not hesitate to use them again for future elections; and highly recommend them to any sized municipality."

Terry Horner, AMCT
Mulmur Township

"The Township has used Intelivote for three successive municipal elections and this has enable the municipality to both increase its voter participation while decreasing expenditures. The acceptance by the electorate to this new technology has been positive and has been further endorsed by the candidates in these elections. As society moves forward technologically, Intelivote allows municipalities the opportunity to meet these ever increasing challenges/demands and expectations of our customers, the ratepayer. The ease of the Intelivote voting system in conjunction with the excellent support offered by Intelivote staff guarantees a successful Election process."

Stephen P. Kaegi
Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
Township of The Archipelago