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"North Middlesex had always used the traditional paper method for its municipal elections. In 2014 it was recommended by staff, after considerable investigation into the workings of the system, to our Council that the Municipality proceed with an alternative voting method being Telephone/Internet Voting.  Intelivote Systems Inc. was successful in obtaining the contract to provide this service to the electors in the municipality.  From beginning to end, the Intelivote team of election experts guided staff through the process ensuring all aspects of the Municipal Elections Act were met.  Any time we had questions they were prompt and professional with their answers.  It was a challenge at times to convince electors that the system was secure and that they had the same access to ballots as they did when it was done in paper format at a voting station.  Staff at Intelivote welcomed these calls from our electors as they had the expertise to assure everyone that the system was safe and secure.  It was evident at the end of the election that this method was well received as the overall participation rate was at an all-time high rate of 49.3%. The Municipality of North Middlesex would highly recommend this company to any municipality contemplating using their services for future elections"
Jackie Tiedeman
Municipality of North Middlesex